Best SIM Card In Korea For Tourists For 2020 - Pretraveller

Best SIM Card in Korea for Tourists for 2020. by Tony Sutherland-Smith. Purchasing a SIM card in Korea is a great option. It will give you easy and convenient access to the internet without the hassle of trying to find free WiFi. Free WiFi can often have dubious security, plus finding and logging in to each WiFi hotspot can be painful.

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How to Rent a Japan Wireless Pocket Wifi for 2020

A FAQ in the Japan Travel Planning Facebook is how to rent a Japan Wireless pocket wifi for your upcoming trip to Japan. As a result the aim of this article is to provide you with an overview of this pocket wifi option and provide details on how to book, and also provide you with a Japan Wireless coupon code to get a discount on your pocket wifi booking.

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How to Buy Universal Studios Japan Tickets and Express

Voyagin is an online travel agency specialising in Japan, and the advantage of booking through Voyagin is that they regularly run coupon code discount deals which include Universal Studios Japan entry tickets and Express Passes, as well as special event tickets.

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Our Ginormous Guide to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is filled with opportunities for fantastic photos but some of my favourites, in no particular order, are: Hogwarts Castle, particularly from across the Black Lake. The photos can be truly stunning when the sky is blue and the water is still.

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How to Buy a Starhub Tourist Sim Card for Singapore

Easy access to Google Maps to enable ease of travel through complicated public transport systems. On our recent trip to Singapore I was constantly using Google Maps to get around and keep track of where we were to ensure we hopped off at the right stop. Planning each day out, both the night before and while on the go.

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Best Online Pocket Wifi Rental in Japan for Tourists in

Japan Wireless,use coupon code Get 50% the rental cost off a second Pocket wifi! A great option for groups who may want to split up during their visit to Japan. Pick up and drop off to major Japan airports and hotels or hostels. Included Backup Battery for both options.

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How to Sightsee Stress-Free with Klook Japan - Pretraveller

The other essential item for your visit to Japan is a tap on tap off public transport card, the most well known ones are the Suica Card, Pasmo Card and Icoca Card – each card is issued by a different Japan train company. There are multiple versions of these, and once you have one you can use it for most local public transport throughout Japan.

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Getting Around Japan with a Japan Rail Pass - Pretraveller

A National Japan Rail Pass is a pass only available for visitors to Japan which enables you to travel on most bullet trains (or shinakansen) as well as other Japan Rail company trains, buses and ferries throughout Japan – further details on specific inclusions and exclusions are lower in this article.

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Tokyo From the Sky: Our Tokyo Helicopter - Pretraveller

Pretraveller is a travel blog to help people travel with confidence and give them ideas and inspirations for travel. Our key focus is to help people plan their trips to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Tokyo During the 2020 Olympics

Sumo Throwdown! Sumo Training Session. Watching a sumo training session is the best option to experience sumo wrestling in Tokyo during the Olympics. Klook offers a great option to watch a sumo wrestling training session in Tokyo. Note for families that that viewers must be able to sit quietly on cushions on the floor, so this activity will not be suitable for younger children.

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The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Transport for Tourists

Once activated you can just tap on and off with your phone instead of using a physical card. Just make sure you have a no fee international credit card when you use this option as otherwise you may pay substantial additional fees! Suica and Pasmo IC Cards for Children

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